Zaurus Onboard Development Tools

These compilers, interpreters and other tools are useful to those who would use the Sharp Zaurus (5000D, 5500, and newer models) and other ARM/Linux based PDAs for on-board program development. (The term "on-board" means that the PDA is the primary development system, in contrast to the support offered by Sharp, Microsoft, Palm and other PDA makers for purely cross-compilation development.)  This site and the state of the tools are maintained by Dr. Jeffrey R. Fox, and their use understood to be governed by the attached open source licenses.


ZGCC GNU Compiler Suite Release 2.02 -- Get This One! Compile C, C++ and Qt GUI applications onboard

Description, requirements and installation instructions -- now with Qt/E, alias Qtopia, programming support
GCC and Qt binary files -- the zgcc2Bin.cramfs file
GCC and Qtopia include files -- the zgcc2Inc.cramfs file


ZGCC GNU Compiler Suite Release 1.1 -- Obsolete

Description and Instructions
GCC Include Directories (zipped)
GCC C and C++ Binaries (zipped, compiled for ARM)

GCC C and C++ Libraries (zipped, compiled for ARM)

GCC symbolic links zip file - installation helper

LibC++ for static linking (description)


Kopi Java Compiler -- smallest complete Java Development System

Description and Instructions
Kopi Compiler Suite (v1.5)
Link to Kopi Home

Other Tools:

UNZIP (ARM native utility to decompress the other zipped downloads)
mkcramfs (to make compressed file systems -- if you need instructions, see the relevent part of the ZGCC Rel. 2.02 installation document above)

VIM (vi "improved" programmer's console screen editor NOT AVAILABLE YET, but available on the Zaurus feeds); I will post a nice version with syntax highlighting some day. Still looking for good docs for onboard viewing.


IBM Jikes Java Compiler -- Fast ARM-native Java compiler

Description and Instructions
Jikes Compiler for ARM based systems

Forth Systems -- I have all of these, so ask if you need them

Phil Burke's pForth NOT AVAILABLE YET -- but the 1.9 and 2.1 versions from the pForth site will compile with ZGCC
GNU gForth NOT AVAILABLE YET -- I am having trouble with v6 but v5 is a very powerful system.

Jack Woehr's FIJI -- Forthish Java Interpreter JAR file -- unzip to see everything; I hacked it a little for Jeode. Run it with evm -cp /mnt/cf/fiji/fiji1.2.jar com.SoftWoehr.FIJI.FIJI or something like. Read the docs (both docs and source are included in the jar file and may be simply unzipped) and may the Forth be with you. This is the way to learn Java via interpretive Forth.

ThisForth NOT AVAILABLE YET -- the standard distribution will compile if you fix a small old-C glitch which I will post someday.


Java Extras

Swing (for Zaurus - see description)



Using Java on Pocket PC 2002. (Not for the Zaurus, but of interest to those who may want to use IBM's Websphere and J9 JVM on the Zaurus, as well as those interested in the Microsoft driven PDAs.)


Last Updated:01/16/04